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Burnin' Rubber 5 XS

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About Burnin' Rubber 5 XS

In BurninX27 you will find a game with a style of racing that is similar to the "Carmageddon" series. The game play is very simple, it's all about destroying...

In BurninX27 you will find a game with a style of racing that is similar to the "Carmageddon" series. The gameplay is very simple, it's all about destroying other cars and be the last person standing on the highway. There are various types of cars to unlock and upgrade as you progress through each level. There are 5 different car types in this game with their own advantages and disadvantages when playing against others: - Sports Car: Good Acceleration, Weak Braking, Average Handling, Lightweight; Bad Traction, Bad Turning radius; Fastest Car Class - Sedan: Average Acceleration, Weak Braacking, Good Handling, Lightweight; Bad Traction; Medium Turning Radius; Slowest Car Class - Luxury Car: Average Acceleration, Weak Braacking, Good Handling, Lightweight; Bad Tracton; Lowest Turning Radius; Most Expensive Car Class - Muscle Car: Abominable Acceleration, Abominable Braking (Almost No Braking), Good Handling and Weight Distribution. Great Traction Too! Abominable Turning Fairly Fast By Muscle Car Standards; 

The world is in complete chaos by now. Gangs and criminal syndicates spread like a wild fire after the Blue Whale virus invaded the entire globe. The infection started in Russia with a small group of kids who dared to play a game called Blue Whale which got them trapped inside their own self-created virtual world where they were forced to carry out several challenges, until finally at the end of it all, they finished it off with one last Playing innocent games together never had this type of consequence before now. However, the consequences are far from innocent because this virus has created an entirely new breed of predators who hunt down those who have escaped from the game or have yet to fully succumb to its treacherous charms. And trust us when we say that once you’ve seen one of these bastards, you’ll never be able to forget them

The world is falling apart and now you must drive your car to reach safety. In the near future, the Earth has been damaged by pollution and the environment is slowly being destroyed. You are the driver of your car that can change the world by change its environment with your driving skills. Explore a vast open-world of mountains, deserts and forests all while trying to save humanity from destruction. Get out there, explore and find places to repair your car so you can keep it at least till you run out of gas! Follow @Burninx27 on Twitter for updates about new games, contests, and other cool stuff

We all know Rockman has always been about exploration and discovery. Whether it’s finding new locations or uncovering the mysteries of old, Rockman has always been about exploring and learning, as well as having fun in the process! ^^ Rockman’s latest video game entry, Rush for Gold is a gold rush themed RPG that pits you against rival miners, ogres, monsters and even other players in order to find valuable ores and sell them at a profit before they become worthless. 

Drive, Skill, and Destroy! BurninX27 is a driving & racing simulator game with cartoon graphics. The game has many types of cars and each car has different handling characteristics. With an intuitive control system, you will be able to drive almost any car in the game. If you can drive a car, you can play this game.

How to play Burnin' Rubber 5 XS

Controls Use the WASD keys or the arrow keys to drive your car Press Z and X or left and right mouse button to fire your weapons Hold Shift to drift

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