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Castle Keeper

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About Castle Keeper

Kick your archery skills into high gear in this addictive time-traveling shooting and tower defense game. Shoot demonic Archer creatures from the past,...

Kick your archery skills into high gear in this addictive time-traveling shooting and tower defense game. Shoot demonic Archer creatures from the past, present and future to protect your castle and increase your tower’s defense. – Archery has never been so much fun. Not only can you defend against arrows in real time with an authentic 3D physics engine but you can also invade other players’ castles and kick their archery game up a notch. Let others play by invading their castles and turning their archery skills into an unsportsmanlike brawl. Try your hand at matching three or more identical arrows to progress through the level or face off with friends in various challenging game modes. – The future is now. Invaders from the past, present and future are on a rampage, taking over people’s homes, businesses and even castles. Defend yourself using classic castle defense tactics like walls, traps, floor falls and above all else… Arrows! Time-traveling as well as shooting games let you experience how things were before the arrow was born or without it altogether! Duck behind pillars or use ladders to shoot out the eyes of your opponents – medieval archers don’t miss! 

A tower defense game with archer mechanics. The objective is to stop the blue circle enemy from reaching the red line that represents your castle. If you are able to stop it, the level will be re-enabled and you get a ticket for free gems. Tapping on a cell will Summon an Archer who can shoot at the blue circle, or tap again to have him return to his original position. Each cell has its own properties, such as range and gauge - so avoid fields with excessive amounts of green or red cells! Keep moving your arrows and let them rain down, or summon more in variety! 

Our castle keepers are busy fighting off invaders across the land. They’re keeping order, protecting their territory and taking out the intruders. But today, they need your help. Get ready to Castle-Keep! Castles is an endless tower defense game where you control a team of castle keepers trying to protect their kingdom from invaders. Build walls, place towers and garrison soldiers to repel the enemies. Minimap, controls and stats are available at any moment. 

How to play Castle Keeper

Key Features - Beautiful 3D graphics - Make your character stronger and defeat big armies - Defend your castle from hordes of various enemies - 100% free game - Fun and addictive gameplay - Easy to learn controls - For kids and adults - Game for girls and boys Instruction The main goal of the game is to protect the castle. To be stronger than the invaders, you need to upgrade your character. After passing all the waves, your hero will be sent to defend the other castle, where you will learn new skills and become even stronger.

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