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City Car Driving Simulator 3

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About City Car Driving Simulator 3

City Car Driving Simulator 3 is a new simulation game developed by the well-known developers from Ketchapp. In this game, you will be driving a Passenger...

City Car Driving Simulator 3 is a new simulation game developed by the well-known developers from Ketchapp. In this game, you will be driving a Passenger car through the congested city roads of modern cities. The aim of this City car simulator game is to reach your destination as fast as possible without hitting any other vehicles or obstacles along the way. The traffic in these cities is very congested and you need to drive carefully and cautiously through it. If you are not careful enough, other cars might hit you from behind or from the side which can result in heavy damage to your vehicle. Your driving skills will play an important role in this game and if you master it, then your final score will be much higher than that of someone who has poor driving skills. There are multiple levels in this City car driving simulator series with each new level adding more challenging traffic patterns for you to deal with. You must have great reflexes and excellent reaction time while playing this game because no two levels play similarly. There are also many hidden bonus cars to find in each level which can give you an extra edge over other players

A new city car driving simulation game is coming soon for Android. It is a 3D super realistic virtual world where you can explore everywhere with your own city-car from different directions in the city. The traffic, road conditions and pedestrians will be similar in real life, so you can have more fun while playing this game. This time, you have been appointed as a police officer to control traffic and road safety in the city. You need to drive carefully and observe the road signs, traffic signals and other cars to avoid collisions. You also need to break red lights - that’s against the law - by stopping your car just before it turns yellow light or red light. If you are caught by a police officer, he/she will give you a penalty point which will decrease your reputation rating and lead to demotion if you are not careful enough. The more penalty points you get in one game session, the lower your reputation will be and demotion from Police Captain to Sergeant if it reaches its lowest point. So drive

You’re at the wheel of an impeccably-maintained luxury car. You’ve been asked to take a few friends for a joyride through some of the city’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, and you couldn’t be happier about it. What could possibly go wrong? Careful not to attract attention, drive around and pick up your passengers. Once you’ve dropped them off, make your way back to the starting point. You might only be driving through some of the city’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, but you need to look after your car and keep it in prime condition at all times. Car Driving Simulator 3 is an easy-to-play simulation game that challenges players to maintain their vehicle as well as possible within a given budget by balancing maintenance, repairs.

Car Driving Simulator is a web-based driving game where you’ll have to handle and drive your car by following the traffic rules. There will be police cars which will try to stop you and there will be other cars on roads too. You’ll have to keep your eyes open and pay attention while driving, so that you don’t end up getting hurt or damaging anyone else’s car. Car Driving Simulator 3D is not only fun but also helps you learn road safety along with other driving rules. The game has multiple levels as well as different characters and vehicles of different types 

In City Car Driving 3 you play as a newbie driver in a big city. There are so many cars, taxis, trucks and other vehicles in the city that it is difficult to drive safely. Let’s learn some driving tips from experienced drivers and earn enough points to unlock new cars and invite them as your friends. 

How to play City Car Driving Simulator 3

Controls Use the WASD keys or the arrow keys to drive Use space bar to handbrake Press F to use nitro Hold G to enter slow motion view Use C to change camera

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