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Death Chase

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About Death Chase

The blood-curdling roar of powerful engines, the screech of tires as they grip the tarmac, and the smell of rubber as you pull away from a hairpin bend...

The blood-curdling roar of powerful engines, the screech of tires as they grip the tarmac, and the smell of rubber as you pull away from a hairpin bend will take you right back to your youth. However, this time it's not just your imagination. You are in a new racing game where futuristic cars with various special abilities battle it out on twisting mountain roads and high-speed city tracks. The game has players taking control of one of several cars in order to defeat other racers. The goal is to reach checkpoints before opponents and destroy them by using weapons or driving over them. The player can upgrade their car with new parts that can be found along the way or purchased from vendors at checkpoints if necessary. Cars also have different speeds and styles that must be taken into account if planning a strategy for a race. Once upgraded, players can also upgrade their car's engine and nitro levels which can increase acceleration and top speed

This is a side-scrolling, top-down car driving, upgrade game. In this game, you need to drive as fast as you can and try to last as long as possible. The longer you last and the more upgrades you buy the harder it will become. So explore all the roads and try not to run out of gas! Upgrades: - More money = More upgrades. The more cash you have, the better your car's performance will be. Stunts: - Upgrade makes you go so fast that through your rearview mirror everything looks in slow motion. - Drift Mode: You need to hold on tight while drifting or else that could be curtains for you! Keep checking back for updates with new features, new cars

Drive the car like a pro. Avoid other cars, walls, and obstacles to gain more points. Keep your eyes open as you drive this car on dangerous streets. Drive your car like a professional as you race against time. Upgrade your car with new parts so that it doesn’t get beaten easily by anyone else in the street. Don’t crash into anything until you reach the end of the street or you will lose a life. Use arrow keys to drive and balance yourself; Up arrow key to accelerate, the Left Shift key for a left-hand turn, the Right Shift key for a right-hand turn, and the Down Arrow key to stop your vehicle. Follow instructions carefully as failure to do may result in loss of lives 

Just Drive is a simple driving game where your goal is to get as far as possible without killing any other drivers. It’s not an easy thing to do. Because the police are always looking for you. But don’t worry, they will never catch up with you. They just won’t know what your real name is or where you are from. All the police will ever know is that there is only one “John Roe” who drives cars, and he does it really well. You see, John Roe knows his way around a race track, and he has no problem at all racing against other men who have also been trained to drive as well as him but in a different way

Are you the next great car driver? The streets are crawling with cars and they’re all after the same thing: your license. Have you got what it takes to become the king of the road? With upgrades, tricks and lanes, this is going to be one hell of a race. Upgrade your car parts and paint jobs as you move through the city streets. Race against opponents, earn cash, and unlock new tracks in this upgrade-fuelled driving game. The highway is waiting for you.

How to play Death Chase

Controls WASD or arrow keys to move Z to jump or slam X to launch rocket R to restart the race

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