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Endless Hot Pursuit

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About Endless Hot Pursuit

Endless Hot Pursuit, a new and exciting car racing game. This is an endless driving game where your goal is to stay on the road as long as possible while...

Endless Hot Pursuit is a new and exciting car racing game. This is an endless driving game where your goal is to stay on the road as long as possible while avoiding traffic and other cars. Use the arrow keys to drive or use the W A S D keys to control the car's movement. In this game, you will have to avoid all kinds of traffic, such as cars, trucks, buses, bikers, and many others. You will have to pass through all kinds of obstacles like fallen trees, broken sidewalks, dirt roads, and much more. Keep playing if you can! -How To Play?- The player controls by using arrows on the keyboard or any other controller. Drive your car around in different lanes from left to right and try not to hit anything else than walls and trees. If you collide with another vehicle or even with a single tree then you will lose 1 life which will result in decreasing your score by 10 points every consecutive time. Avoid hitting anything else than walls or trees because otherwise, it will result in losing 10 points from the score counter at the lower left corner of the screen and also slow you down for half a second with each collision instead of just making you lose life directly. Instead of slowing down after colliding with something then they will just speed up again so keep that in mind if you want to avoid getting hit more often by anything else than things that are not moving at that moment which would increase your risk level quicker than what it was before

This amazing game is an avoidance game where the main goal is getting away from the police as fast as possible. The longer you stay in their sights, the more time they have to catch up with you. Avoid obstacles, cars, and other vehicles while trying to avoid getting pulled over by the cops. Use weapons and alternate escape routes if necessary. This game features challenging levels with countless objectives. Get through them as fast as you can without getting caught by the cops! ENDLESS HOT PURSUIT FEATURES> - 3D CARS: Drive a variety of different vehicles including muscle cars, sports cars, minivans, SUVs, and more. - WEAPONS: Carry weapons such as machine guns or Molotov cocktails to help take down pursuers from a distance. - PITSTOPS: Stop at various locations for bonuses and try to outrun the law before continuing on your journey. ENDLESS HOT PURSUIT TIPS AND TRICKS> - USE THE DIRT TO AVOID GETTING PULLED OVER BY THE POLICE AS FAST AS POSSIBLE: Keep dirt on hand to throw over your license plate and windows when necessary to avoid detection by law enforcement. ENDLESS HOT PURSUIT GAMEPLAY VIDEOS> - This game gameplay footage (Old Version): ENDLESS HOT

This is a thrilling game where your reflexes and driving skills will be tested to the limit. You are in for one hell of a ride! Endless Hot Pursuit is a car racing game with a lot of fun. Drive at a breakneck pace and outrun the cops in this high octane illegal street racing game. Test your driving skills, dodge traffic, and weave in and out of cars to avoid getting caught by the Police. Shoot past other racers as you come close to them on the straight stretches but change lanes quickly as you near them on bends or sharp turns to avoid crashing into them. You must also speed up when approaching other racers at high speed as well as slow down when nearing slower moving vehicles so that you don’t crash into them. Get ready for endless excitement, action-packed gameplay, and realistic car physics in this wheel-spinning

This amazing game is a free online car chase game. In this game, you are playing as a police officer and your main duty is to catch the criminal before he escapes from the police station. You have to drive your car using your arrow key and you can also use W A S D keys to control the car. if you see some obstacles on the road, then you can use the spacebar for space jump or it can also be used for donuts or drift to avoid it. If you come across an enemy car, then you can use the weapon button to shoot them with a gun or knife. Do not forget to refuel your car at gas pumps after sprinting through the roads of endless hot pursuit games. This one is developed by Pixel 3 Studios and published by Game Insight in collaboration with PlayKids. Hope you like this free online car chase

The police are on your tail again! With the help of your car, you managed to escape from them, but now they are in your sights once again. Drive as fast as possible and outrun the police in this high-speed chase game. Avoid crashing into other cars or objects and use the environment to get away from the cops. There are also various weapons available in this game like air strikes, mines, laser guns, etc. Unlock new cars, upgrades, and more by collecting money that is lying on roadsides or earning them by outrunning the cops or winning a level after giving it your best shot. Money can also be purchased with real money. Keep playing until you become the ultimate Hot Pursuit

How to play Endless Hot Pursuit

Controls WASD/arrow keys = drive Esc = pause

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