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Fly Car Stunt 5

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About Fly Car Stunt 5

The most dangerous thing about being a stunt pilot is the fact that you have to go out and do it. But what if you could show off your flying skills in...

The most dangerous thing about being a stunt pilot is the fact that you have to go out and do it. But what if you could show off your flying skills in a fun game where you get to show off too? Sounds like a game called Car Stunt 5, doesn’t it? Car Stunt 5 is an arcade action-packed racing video game that lets you show off your driving skills while jumping and posing as one of 10 famous car pilots. Use special combat and driving moves to take out other players and win the race. There are two modes: 1) Race mode - race against other players to see who can do the most damage to their opponents’ cars with their drive-bys, tricks, slides, boosts and more. 2) Showcase mode - take on other players in races where the object isn’t just to score points but also to prove who’s the best driver. In both modes, there are 10 iconic car pilots that you can choose from. Each one has unique abilities – some can drive fast or perform stunts faster than others – so try out their play styles until you find the one that works for you! When playing Car Stunt 5, be sure not to miss any of the stunts because every jump will negatively affect your score. If you hit walls or barriers while performing a stunt, yourscore will decrease. 

It’s the big one again. The sequel to one of the most successful arcade games ever, including World War 2 flight simulators, Tank Battle Simulator and Droplitz. And this time around it’s a real car game that’ll have you taking to the skies with your Friends. Car Stunt 5: Game of Thrones is a simulation of racing with friends in large cars through various environments, including forests, cities and deserts. You will race against AI or human players using various virtual cars at different difficulty levels. 

What's the best way to get your friends together and have some fun? A good old fashioned hangout game of course! And what better way to show off your flying skills than by taking part in a epic car stunt? It's time you caught the lightning-fast Bugatti Veyron in action, online at There's only one word for it: BAMF! You won't believe how fast this car can go, or how crazy you'll feel trying to keep up with it. 

How to play Fly Car Stunt 5

Using Mouse

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