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Gear Race 3D Car

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About Gear Race 3D Car

In this car racing game, you will join 3 different boys and girls in trying to become the winner of the 3rd race in this racing series. The rules of the...

In this car racing game, you will join 3 different boys and girls in trying to become the winner of the 3rd race in this racing series. The rules of the game are simple; Drive as fast as you can while avoiding other racers and obstacles on your way. If you happen to hit someone, your car goes flying into oblivion. As long as you finish the race before the others, you win. This racing game is played with a virtual steering wheel for each player who wants to take part in it. Each player chooses a different type of car and a different path in which to drive it (a road or an alleyway ). You must be careful not to hit any other cars, buildings or trees along the way. If you should hit anyone else during the race, their vehicle will go flying out of control and they might end up getting hurt or even killed as a result of crashing into something so hard or immovable in nature. The faster your car goes without hitting anything along the way, the more points you get for completing that level successfully. 

Join the movement of 3D Car Race and enjoy every minute with this addictive race game! The race is on, drive your pink and purple car through bumpy roads, over hills and valleys. The competition to win is fierce. Will you be able to unlock all the different racing challenges and become the ultimate driving champion? Let’s find out! Race as fast as you can while avoiding obstacles like rocks, trees and other cars. Try not to crash into anything or anyone. If you go off course or crash into anything or someone then it will deduct points from your score! Keep an eye on the leaderboard so that you can always challenge yourself to improve your scores. As you progress through the levels, new obstacles will appear and it gets more challenging at higher level

You can earn extra stars by completing in-game challenges like reaching a certain distance with little nitro left in your tank or finishing with a low amount of damage taken from crashing with other cars/objects along the

The third edition of the Car Race 3D game is coming with new features and much anticipated levels. The game has got better than previous versions. You will love this game more with its new features, levels, items and characters. This is a multiplayer car racing game for kids and adults alike that you can play together if you have others to compete against! The race is on in this 3D car racing simulation game by Beary Games. In this edition you have to race with other cars against time on an endless road without pit stops or interruptions. This can be played by both boys and girls as it doesn’t have any offensive elements in it. 

Race,Race and Race again! This is the third installment of the racing car games. In this racing game you need to drive your 3d car through different tracks with an aim to become the winner. These tracks are very tough but with a little bit of practice and patience you can become an expert at these races. You need to use all your driving skills in order for you to win over other racers. There are various obstacles on the road that if not taken care of could take away your victory. Sohift as much as possible so that you don’t lose as many points as possible. Once again welcome to another challenging racing game! Drive your car well! - How To Play: Your goal in this game is to drive from one side of the track to another without crashing into anything or other cars by tapping on your screen in time with the music and sifting left or right.

Welcome to the third installment of our racing game series. In this racing game, we will be playing with a new car and also a new track! In this racing game we are not only playing as a driver but we are playing as a designer as well! We can choose different colors for our car and also choose the kind of design that we want for our racing car! Do you like the blue color? If yes, then do not forget to choose blue as your main color because it is the best color for your car. However, if you don’t like the blue color, then go ahead and choose another color which suits your taste better. Anyway, this is completely up to you so play around with different colors and see what suits you best! 

How to play Gear Race 3D Car

Using Mouse

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