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Police Endless Car

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About Police Endless Car

Police Endless Car: use every skill you have, escape from the police and collect lots of coins along the way. Challenge your skills and challenge your friends.

Police Endless Car is a fast paced arcade racing game. Drive your police car as fast as you can and avoid hitting other cars, or you’ll lose points and get busted! The roads will be packed with traffic, so don’t slow down – accelerate and evade the other cars to escape the pursuit! Dodge cars to rack up points and unlock new police cars. Do you have what it takes to drive like a pro and make it to the top of the leaderboard? Let’s find out!

This game is a high-speed car racing game. As a police officer, you need to drive your police car as fast as you can, catch the criminals and escape the city before it gets destroyed. Are you ready to become the hero of this action-filled

This one is a hyper-casual, one-player car racing game. You are a police officer who needs to escape from the labyrinth full of traps set by the criminals. To complete the mission, you need to drive your police car and collect fuel to keep going. Keep an eye on your nitro level so that you can use it when necessary. Also, beware of the traps; or you will fail miserably in this

If you have what it takes to be a police officer, you might as well test your skills in this hypercasual game, This one. If you love the adrenaline rush and being on the edge of your seat, then this will be a fun car game for you. Let’s dive into more details about Police Endless Car.

This amazing game is a fast-paced 3D car racing game where you play as an police officer trying to catch criminals. You will drive your police car through the city and try to avoid smashing into other cars, telephone booths, and road obstacles. Your objective is to catch as many crooks as possible, which unlocks new levels and police cars. Get ready for fast acceleration, speedy nitro boosts, slick turns, and crazy red light challenges! There are no other objectives than catching the robbers before they leave the city limits so start your engine.

How to play Police Endless Car

Using Mouse

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