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Pucks is a fast paced, competitive, action packed hockey game. It’s a fun experience for all ages! Pucks is a 3D multiplayer ice hockey game in which...

Pucks is a fast paced, competitive, action packed hockey game. It’s a fun experience for all ages! Pucks is a 3D multiplayer ice hockey game in which you can choose to play as one of the 11 international teams. It features cartoonish graphics, physics simulation and real time gameplay. Choose from over 90 different ice hockey stick combinations to achieve your shooting goal and score against your opponents. The Pucks app offers several in-game and additional features including an immersive tutorial mode that helps you learn how to play the game from scratch. You also get access to daily challenges and global leaderboards for you to compete against other players from all around the world. In addition, there are several in-app purchases available for purchasing new equipment for your character and team or unlocking achievements faster than

Pucksio is a multiplayer online hockey game with AI in which you can play as the goalie and shoot pucks at the players. Playing as the Goalie In this ice hockey game, you need to be quick on your feet and with the reflexes of a cat. The goalies are usually always the first player to come off for any break so it’s imperative that you get yourself off quickly to avoid getting overpowered by your teammates. As a goalie, it’s essential that you stay calm and collected so that when shots come at you, they don’t have much effect. Because of their position, goalies are almost always targeted first during games so it’s best if they have an advantage over other players when attacking. A lot of newbies tend to make silly mistakes such as shooting at ankle high pucks or shooting right 

Pucksio is a multiplayer sports game that you can play with your friends. Your goal is to pass the puck to your teammates in order for them to score. You will have a dozen different levels and different goals in each one. You will be able to unlock new characters, goals, and items as you advance through the game. This ice hockey simulation game has an amazing physics engine so it feels just like playing with a real puck. The graphics are very nice as well and they look great on any Android device. Pucksio also supports Google Play Games for additional leaderboard support and achievements. The developer of this app has done an excellent job creating such a realistic ice hockey simulation game 

Pucks! io is a multiplayer competitive sports game, where you can play against your friends or random opponents. This game is a combination of hockey and a fun and challenging game supporting single-player mode as well as multiplayer mode against players. - Play as a hockey player - Drive the car on ice - Unlock new Skaters by collecting Hockey Pucks. - Score goals by shooting Hockey Pucks at the net with your Hockey Stick. How to play: 1) Place the puck on the playing field then run and shoot it towards the goal while avoiding other players, walls, and obstacles. 2) Puck will roll back after 5 seconds if it hasn't been scored with it yet – Keep chasing or passing pucks to score 

This game is a very realistic hockey simulation. You can play online multiplayer or offline in single-player mode. It has many different teams and players so you will never get bored! In this Hockey 3D game, your goal is to pass the puck from one side of the field to the other. You have to use all the skills of your team in order to score more goals than your opponent. The player with the most goals wins! You’ll have to make good passes, change direction quickly and shoot at a moment’s notice if you want to triumph over your opponents on the game


How to play

Controls WASD or arrow keys to drive Space bar to use the boost Q to change the camera view Esc to open the menu

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