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Real Monster Truck

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About Real Monster Truck

This game is that fun, driving a monster truck and destroying everything in your path. You can take on the go-karts, dragons, buses, skyscrapers, whatever...

This game is that fun, driving a monster truck and destroying everything in your path. You can take on the go-karts, dragons, buses, skyscrapers, whatever you like. But the most challenging part is going to be facing the big guy yourself. This game has it all: fun, action, intense danger, challenge and excitement. It's a real roller coaster ride! So much so that even though you're driving a monster truck, you feel like one too. This article will help you get ready for the roller coaster ride called driving a monster truck. 

Don’t let the size of the truck fool you; this game is extremely fun! It’s very challenging and will test your skills. It’s also a great way to drive, drift and play mind game with other players. The only downside? Oh, the actual driving! It’s crazy. Wii Fit – For example, how many times have you hit a wall because your fitness level wasn’t right? It happens to everyone at one point or another. Get ready to go through some intense driving, drifting and tripping while playing this Wii Fit game (for 3DS). 

In this game you take driving course and win the title of best professional driver. In the end, you get a car that can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 10 seconds. This is not easy task, but it was worth it for you. With supercars like McLaren P1 or Lamborghini Aventador blistering down the straights, you feel like a pro every time you drive. 

Get ready to make some of the most iconic driving scenes in movies history when you take on the role of a long-distance racer in this exciting game. Fight against other players as you race down an epic motorsport course, collecting cars, cash and points to get through checkpoints and make your way to the finish. 

Did you know there is a driving line between professional driver and amateur race car driver? Did you know there are other options for driving education than just learning how to drive? 

How to play Real Monster Truck

Using Mouse

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