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About Super Star Car

Super Star Car is an action racing game which you can enjoy with your friends and family. You need to change the different lanes to get all stars within...

Super Star Car is an action racing game that you can enjoy with your friends and family. You need to change the different lanes to get all stars within the set time limit to win the level. The longer you last, the better your final score will be. The catch? You’ll have only three lives per level so make sure you use them wisely! Unlock exciting new cars and upgrades as you progress through each level. ☆☆☆☆☆ Features ☆☆☆☆☆ * Race against AI or other players in over 10 different tracks * Collect coins to unlock new cars and upgrades * Power up your car by collecting gems and explosives along with the right timing to avoid getting caught by the chasing police * Buy and sell used items on our virtual market so you can buy low and sell high for a bigger return if needed ☆ How To Play ☆ Simple controls – Tap on one of the lanes to change it from green to red as quickly as possible to earn 3 stars in order to complete the level. Change lanes when necessary, or risk failure! Once you finish a track for the first time, it will unlock again at any future point in time once played again there are no limitations preventing access from that particular location! Your goal is simple: Make it from start to finish with 3 stars within the given time limit. Time runs out automatically once started so be careful about how many seconds left you have until this happens again when passing another intersection or blue marker! Try

Superstar car racing game is a 3D Racing with superstar cars on different tracks and challenging missions. Drive your This one, participate in different races and avoid crashing into obstacles or other cars. Try to finish all the missions with 3 stars by avoiding hitting any of the barriers or other cars. Be careful and don’t crash your super star car. So play this free online Super star car racing game and have ENDLESS CARS RACING GAME WITH UNREAL SPEED AND DRIVING SIMULATION If you like driving fast cars and love to drive, then you're going to love this game! We have taken all the great things from other racing games and fused them into one awesome experience! This is a realistic driving simulator that lets you drive some of the most expensive sports cars on the market today! You can choose between multiple amazing tracks and road conditions so there's always something new for you to discover! There are also various camera angles and views included to give you an even more immersive experience, which makes you feel like you're really behind the wheel of these amazing supercars! Enjoy unlimited awesome Superstar Cars racing game at no cost whatsoever on your Android phone. What are you waiting for? Get started

In this game, you will get to drive some of the fastest cars in the world. The superstar car racing challenge is all about driving these high-end cars at top speed while keeping them under control. There are 3 different racing tracks that you will need to master with your drifting and car handling you know it, you will be able to unlock new cars and upgrade existing ones. In this game, you can collect money by winning races or taking part in street races with other players. Purchase the upgrades that you need for your vehicles to become more powerful. You will also have the opportunity to win awards such as Gamers’ Choice, Best Car Color, or Most Innovative Car if you take part in challenges and competitions 

Greetings friends, today we have a wonderful game for you. This is This one Racing 3D. App has three different modes. In the first mode, you can play with two players against each other. The second mode is a single-player mode where you can race your car against computer AI and then finish on top of the leaderboard list. And last but not least is the free run mode where you can unlock all the cars that are locked and race them any way you want. If you love to drive games and love racing games this is going to be your favorite game for sure. To familiarize yourself with the game read some of our

This is a 3D racing game where you can experience the real feeling of driving a car. The tracks are very similar to real circuits and there are many different cars, tires, and track layouts to choose from. You can race against opponents from all over the world or join one of the many multiplayer gaming communities we have on our site. If you love car games, then this is one that you must play! Features include: * Real feeling racing with physics simulation * Fantastic graphics & sounds * Great gameplay for both steering wheel users and controller users * Compete against your friends online

How to play Super Star Car

How to Play Super Star Car features simple controls that allow you to drive at high speeds around corners without any trouble. Just accelerate and don’t stop until you’ve crossed the finish line!  There are several thrilling campaign races to progress through, with upgrades to boost your performance along the way. Enjoy the realistic sounds and detailed 3D graphics! You can even switch the view to set your preferred level of realism. More Games Like This If you love the thrill of F1 driving, check out our Formula-1 games. For a broader selection, head over to our driving games where you’ll find top titles like Madalin Stunt Cars 2 and Drift Hunters. Features Fully featured career mode Several tracks to race on Profile with detailed stats In-car and 3rd-person views Detailed 3D graphics Release Date April 2021 Developer Super Star Car is developed by Barnzmu. Platform Web browser Controls W or up arrow to accelerate AD or left and right arrow keys to steer C to change camera view Spacebar to respawn position Xbox Controller supported

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