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The new version of the hit racing franchise brings fresh content to its robust suite of social features, and an array of new cars and tracks. Available...

The new version of the hit racing franchise brings fresh content to its robust suite of social features, and an array of new cars and tracks. Available now on Xbox One via the Rockstar Games Social Club, Trackmania Turbo 2.0 offers gamers a truly competitive experience with their friends. With a variety of race modes, car customisation options, local split-screen multiplayer and online races, there is plenty here for both casual and competitive players alike. Race Modes: - Time Attack (Singleplayer) - In this mode you must reach the finish line as fast as possible by winning 10 different time attack events. Time Attack differs from other race modes in that your performance is not directly affected by car upgrades. This means that your skill as a driver will have a greater impact on your final ranking than any given car’s quality or modification level. - Invitational Events (Singleplayer) - Between 4th June and 8th July 2018, Rockstar Games will regularly host special event competitions called Invitational Events that feature various difficulties designed to test players’ skills at specific game mechanics. These events can also give insight into future Rockstar games if you manage to unlock them all! You’ll need to complete each event to unlock its corresponding track in Trackmania Turbo After completing all 10 events, we recommend revisiting them again in order to discover additional course variations hidden within each track’s layout

Need some new racing games? Well, we’ve got just the thing! You’re going to love this new racing game genre that has exploded on the market and it’s called “racing game We aren’t sure how it happened either but now these racing game livestreaming games are everywhere. It all started with “Rocket League” then “Gravel” and now this new gaming trend is called “Racing Game These simple titles have become insanely addicting and if you haven't tried one yet we recommend you try one soon! They are that good. So what is Racing Game Livestreaming exactly? Basically it's a way to play different racing games online with your friends using a phone or tablet as an input device rather than a controller. You don't need anything more than your phone to get started with Racing Game Livestreaming so no need to buy any additional equipment or software either. This article will show you everything you need to know about Racing Game Livestreaming so read on and discover how it works, the best Racing Game Livestreamers to watch them with, the top 10 Racing Games that work great with livestreamers plus

Welcome to the world of “Race, Beat Your Friends and Unlock New Cars!” Race against your friends or other players thanks to the multiplayer mode of this game. You can race alone or challenge as many opponents as you can. Developed by Ubisoft San Francisco, the creators of Race Driver: GRID and Driver: San Francisco, this new racing game puts you in charge of a quick car across the most varied tracks in order to reach the finish line first. With its simple controls, this game is very easy to learn but also very hard to master thanks to its immersive gameplay. On your way to becoming a professional driver, you will need to improve your driving skills while unlocking new cars and tracks. The more races you win, the higher your level will be. Once there are no more improvements that you can make anymore, try playing again with a different racing strategy until you finally

Now racing with friends has never been faster or crazier than in the brand new edition of the popular racing game series. The game combines the best parts of arcade and simulation racing games to offer you the best possible experience. Race with your friends, family or anyone else who has access to a smartphone, tablet or computer and race together against real people from all over the world. Play solo or as part of a team and see who can reach the top of the leaderboards. With its easy-to-use rules and customizable gameplay options, anyone can jump into the fun within minutes. Race for hours on end without getting bored thanks to different game modes such as Time Attack and one that’s exclusive to this edition:

This game is a racing game where you race against other players in different maps. You need to use your car’s nitro to pass the other racers and reach the finish line first. The game is simple and easy to play

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