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About Truck-Cross-Country-Game

Truckers, you’ve hit the road in search of adventure, friendship and new experiences. This may be your first time out on the open road but don’t worry....

Truckers, you’ve hit the road in search of adventure, friendship and new experiences. This may be your first time out on the open road but don’t worry. You’ll learn as you go and before you know it you will be a pro at that cross country driving! In this game you play the role of a truck driver who is ready to hit the open road in search of adventure. However, as with most things in life, there are some trials and tribulations along the way and before long you realize that maybe being by yourself isn’t such a great idea after all. But hey, no one said being an independent trucker was going to be easy; it just requires commitment! Your objective is to deliver various packages across different cities as quickly as possible while also keeping your stamina levels up so that when you do eventually reach your final destination, you have enough energy left to enjoy it. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? 

In the truck cross country game, your aim is to drive from one end of the level to the finish line without hitting any obstacles. Yellow arrows will guide you when driving. Don’t forget to collect green stars along the way. If you run out of time before reaching the finish line, you lose. Have fun! This great car racing game tests your reflexes and your spatial awareness. Drive with caution through different country landscapes in order to reach the end safely with as few crashes as possible. When playing, remember that every corner can be a dangerous one and that not all roads are made equally. Some have more bends than others so keep a close eye on the map and watch out for those blind corners! 

This truck cross country game will let you test your driving skills on challenging country roads. Drive a big, heavy truck and get all the cargo to the destination in the shortest time possible. There are also other trucks passing by on these country roads so be mindful of them as well. You must be fast enough to keep up with these trucks or risk having them pass you. When playing this game, it's important that you keep an eye on the clock since you have limited time to complete each level. See if you can set a new record for the slowest time it took to get through each level, and share your score with friends via social media. 

Driving cross country can be a terrifying experience but with a little practice and some preparation, it can also be rewarding. Driving cross country is one of the most challenging aspects of truck driving. There are no set rules or guidelines to follow while driving a truck across country. The only thing that you should have in mind while going across is the ability to handle stress and strain of long drives at high altitudes, not to mention the physical demands of climbing in and out of your truck several times a day. 

The Truck Cross Country Game is one of the most addictive, fun and challenging mobile games out there. It’s simply a game where you need to try and reach your base camp as fast as possible by driving your big, fat truck at top speed for as long as you can. You only get one life so choose your route wisely. The faster you drive, the sooner you’ll reach your destination but be careful not to crash into anything or you’ll have to restart from scratch. 

How to play Truck-Cross-Country-Game

Using Mouse

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