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Two Bike Stunts

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About Two Bike Stunts

Bike Stunts 2 is a racing game where you will race with two motorcyclists to the finish line. This sequel has more levels, more motorbikes and some new...

Bike Stunts 2 is a racing game where you will race with two motorcyclists to the finish line. This sequel has more levels, more motorbikes and some new challenges. You will face many tough opponents while racing through the streets of New York City, but that’s just what makes it so much fun! There are five different bikes to choose from in this sequel. Each one handles differently and offers you a unique racing experience. The first level of the game has you riding a 50cc dirt bike up hill at full speed. It’s not very difficult, but you must be careful while going uphill or else you will crash hard! The second level is also easy as it has you driving a 125cc road bike down a straight path at great speeds without much traffic on the roads. The third level is harder since it has you driving an off-road motorcycle through mud with big rocks along the way. From there on each new level becomes tougher and faster for your motorcycling skills to keep improving! Gameplay: Each level has its own type of terrain that you have to ride through in order to get to the end point of the stage. Your goal is to finish as fast as possible without crashing into anything or going too far off track. There are arrows pointing where you can turn left or right but watch out for other cars that may try to pass when traveling these same routes as well! If they hit your motorbike, then unfortunately you will crash

You've got two amazing bikes and a never ending road full of bends, loops and jumps. Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate stunt rider? Can you keep your balance? Or will you let your bike go down? The choice is up to you! These tricky stunts will test your skills in racing, tricks, balancing and keeping control on the road. Can you keep both bikes upright long enough to reach the finish line? Play this two-player stunt driving game with friends and family. Challenge each other and try to beat your best score. Unlock new tracks and upgrade your vehicles with nitro boosters as they help you go things down with nitro brakes as they reduce speed before reaching a sharp turn or jumping 

A racing game where you have to race against the clock and through a series of challenging tracks on 2 wheels. Drive as fast as possible while negotiating hairpin curves, steep hills and tight corners. Stunning visuals combined with high-frequency audio effects will give you the ride of your

How to play Two Bike Stunts

Using Mouse

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